Hi 👋, my name is Molly, and I have a way with words.

I’ve worked on a few movies, won a few Clios, and broken a few hearts. Not sure about that last one, but hey, you never know.

I’m a:
  • freelance copywriter + creative strategist
  • person in Los Angeles
  • judge for the FWA
  • occasional designer
  • lover of amateur baking, true crime, and all things Walt Disney World

If you’ve got a (word) problem, yo I’ll solve it.

Do you need someone to:
💡 brainstorm ideas for something like a social post or even an entire campaign?  
💭 craft + strategize pitches?
💁‍ pitch said pitches?
✏️ write copy for websites, videos, Tweets, special shoot scripts, marriage proposals, etc.?

Then 👀 no further.

To chat about working together, shoot me a message at ssegrubmolly@gmail.com. (I promise I’ll never quote Vanilla Ice again.)
© Molly Douglas 2019